SpaceTech Companies in India

Space Tech is new for startups. So far space was a monopoly of ISRO. But today there are many companies in India. And here is the list. Lets start with the oldest and largest. Ananth Technologies. Next is Godreg Aerospace and Mahindra Aerospace. And before anyone points out that we have missed out, let me mention National Aerospace Laboratory. As anyone can imagine, all these are quite large. These employee over 100 employees and have already invested millions of dollars.

Now lets come to startups. One of the most popular is Agnikul. Other popular ones are Astrome, STAR, Skyroot, Pixxel, Space Kidz India, Bellatrix Aerospace and Dhruva Space. All these employee over 20 employees.

Last but the new and fast growing companies. Our favorite in this category is Kawa Space. And there are more like Astrogate Labs, Rocketeers, Earth 2 Orbit, Applied Research & Development Laboratories, Xovian and Urvyam. All these companies employee between 1 to 20 employees.

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