SAAS Companies in India

SAAS is big and going to be even bigger around the world. India has large number of SAAS companies and some of them are already unicorns or listed on stock markets. Few popular SAAS companies from India are Zoho, Druva, icertis, WebEngage, Talview, Whatfix, Freshdesk, Freshworks, Hotelogix, Wingify, Agile CRM and Ace Turtle.

Zoho (Linkedin)
Druva (Linkedin)
icertis (Linkedin)
Charge Bee (Linkedin)
WebEngage (Linkedin)
Appointy (Linkedin)
EmpMonitor (Linkedin)
Wizergo (Linkedin)
Visual Website Optimiser (Linkedin)
Talview (Linkedin)
Recooty (Linkedin)
Power ad spy (Linkedin)
Konverto (Linkedin)
CleverTap (Linkedin)
MoEngage (Linkedin)
Manthan (Linkedin)
Capillary (Linkedin)
High radius (Linkedin)
Talview (Linkedin)
Whatfix (Linkedin)
Freshdesk (Linkedin)
Freshworks (Linkedin)
Hotelogix (Linkedin)
Wingify (Linkedin)
Agile CRM (Linkedin)
Ace Turtle (Linkedin)
Kissflow (Linkedin)

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