Robotics Companies in India

Robotics is touch. Making a machine work like a human is complex. But these companies have figured it out. There are a few large companies in India like KUKA RoboticsIRobot, PARI,
Grey Orange, Fanuc, Armstrong, Hi-Tech Robotics, Difacto, Robosapiens and Brabo Automation

And then there are many innovative and fast growing companies like Dheya, Planys, Milagrow Humantech, I Life Care, Invento Robotics or Mitra RobotOmnipresent Robot, Bharati Robotic, Systemantics Robotics, Gridbots, Sastra Robotics, ASIMOV Robotics, Star Automation, Unbox Robotics, Cynlr, Gade Autonomous Systems, nocca robotics, Bionic Yantra, Nymble Labs, Skilancer Solar, iFuture Robotics, WitBlox, Jetbrain, Technophilia, Nexrobotics, Robosapiens Technologies, ThinkLABS, Robokits IndiaPioneer Machines, Malles Automated and Robotic Systems, Geomatrix Automation, Effica Automation, MCI RoboticsMukunda Foods and Robots Alive

Did we miss any important robotics company in India? Please let us know.

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