Great list of #medtech companies in India 2022

Medical Technologies are important and especially on this day, when the world is dealing with Covid19. India is blessed with many innovative medical technology companies. Below are web links to the companies and their Linkedin profiles.

LensKart (Linkedin)
Curefit (Linkedin)
Pristyn Care (Linkedin)
Medlife (Linkedin)
Portea (Linkedin)
Practo (Linkedin)
Healthifyme (Linkedin)
Medplus (Linkedin)
Pharm Easy (Linkedin)
1mg (Linkedin)
Health Kart (Linkedin)
Nephroplus (Linkedin)
Netmeds (Linkedin)
Medgenome (Linkedin)
Health Spring (Linkedin)
SastaSundar Marketplace (Linkedin)
Medi Buddy (Linkedin)
Call Health (Linkedin)
Indus Health Plus (Linkedin)
Healthians (Linkedin)
mfine (Linkedin)
Lybrate (Linkedin)
Goqii (Linkedin)
Express Clinics (Linkedin)
Health Plix (Linkedin)
Plexus MD (Linkedin)
Medcords (Linkedin)
Zoylo (Linkedin)
Medtrail (Linkedin)
Ohum Healthcare (Linkedin)
GRG Health (Linkedin)
Daily Rounds (Linkedin)
Meddiff (Linkedin)
CrelioHealth (Formally LiveHealth) (Linkedin)
Forus Health (Linkedin)
Axiobio (Linkedin)
Credi Health (Linkedin)
Care 24 (Linkedin)
DocOn Technologies (Linkedin)
Pharmarack (Linkedin)
Biosense (Linkedin)
Karexpert (Linkedin)
Cure Joy (Linkedin)
DocPlexus (Linkedin)
Sattva Medtech (Linkedin)
HiDoc (Linkedin)
MediFee (Linkedin)
Hear Clear (Linkedin)
Curofy (Linkedin)
callhealth (Linkedin)
Doxper (Linkedin)
Wellthy Therapeutics (Linkedin)
Medibox (Linkedin)
Medimetry (Linkedin)
Truemeds (Linkedin)
Healwell 24 (Linkedin)
Ayurythm (Linkedin)
Docs App (Linkedin)
Buzy Doctor (Linkedin)
Tricog (Linkedin)
Myupchar (Linkedin)
cloudclinic by BeatO (Linkedin)
Navia Life Care (Linkedin)
Brain Pan (Linkedin)
Jiyyo (Linkedin)
Phable Care (Linkedin)
Purple Docs (Linkedin)
IVF Access (Linkedin)
Heal Card (Linkedin)
India OPD (Linkedin)
BigOHealth (Linkedin)
Orange Health Digital (Linkedin)
Snooz Fit (Linkedin)
Vent All Out (Linkedin)
Manah Wellness (Linkedin)
Health Mug (Linkedin)
Zoylo Digihealth (Linkedin)
Med Rabbits (Linkedin)
Dr on A (Linkedin)
Doc Prime (Linkedin)
Top Doc . AI (Linkedin)
Remedo (Linkedin)
Heallify (Linkedin)
Health Care Magic (Now part of Ebix)
Care Clues (Linkedin)
Doctor Insta (Linkedin)
Tattvam (Linkedin)
Atreya Innovations (Linkedin)
Healthkon (Linkedin)
Thryve Digital (Linkedin)
Hello Dox (Linkedin)
Sova Health (Linkedin)
Doctor24x7 (Linkedin)
Cure Tap (Linkedin)
Health Genie (Linkedin)
GTI Infotel (Linkedin)
Map my Genome (Linkedin)
Vitalife Clinics
The Family Doctor
Doctor Sahab Part of Truworth Health Technologies
Doctor Spring
Social Blood
Doctor Spring
Namaste Doc
Pink Whale Healthcare
Amrita Tech
Gastro Lab
New Digm
Doc On Touch
Vyas Ayurved
Nth Sense
Biddano (Linkedin)
Myra Healthcare (Linkedin)
Synapsica Teleradiology
Plum Health Insurance (Linkedin)
Medika Bazaar (Linkedin)
Virohan (Linkedin)
Saveo (Linkedin)
Tablt (Linkedin)
Driefcase (Linkedin)
eka care (Linkedin)
Raxa (Linkedin)
Alacare (Linkedin)
Cureado (Linkedin)
Dru care (Linkedin)
Akna Med (Linkedin)
Oziva (Linkedin)
Verraton Health (Linkedin)
Ala Care (Linkedin)
Argu Soft (Linkedin)
Niramai Health Analytics (Linkedin)
Epigamia Foods (Linkedin)
Dozee Health (Linkedin)
Myelin Foundry (Linkedin)
Breathe Wellbeing (Linkedin)
Krsnaa Diagnostics (Linkedin)
Twin Health (Linkedin)
Live Alt Life (Linkedin)
Fitter Fly (Linkedin)
Sharan India
Sampoorn Aahara (Linkedin)
Dr Positive Homeopathy (Linkedin)
Toothsi (Linkedin)
OnTheRun (Linkedin)
Yoga Bars (Linkedin)
Mosaic Wellness (Linkedin)
Track My Beat
Welcome Cure
Aeon Life
E Vaidya
Labs Advisor
Kivi Health
Moc Doc
Life Clinic
Joy by Nature
Health Technologies Trust
Relisys Medical Device
Yolo Health
cloud chowk
Medisys Edutech
Doc Pulse
My Health Records

This page was last updated on 21st April 2021. Please let us know if we missed an important medical technology company from India.

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