Matheran is one of the best hill stations near Mumbai. One, because it is so close to Mumbai that you need to catch a local train to reach Matheran. Secondly, people want to get close to nature and get away from traffic and noise. Matheran is a no vehicle hill station. No two wheelers, no cars, no trucks, no buses and hence no traffic and no noise at Matheran. You can walk or take a horse to travel  from one place to another.

And yes, there is a toy train. An amazing experience that you should not miss in Matheran.

Matheran has many things to see while you are there.

  1. The Mall Road : Like many other hill stations of India, Matheran, also has its own Mall Road, the main road and the main shopping center of Mathera. You can shop for bags, cloths, caps, foot wear and have a great meals here on The Mall Road, Matheran
  2. Charlotte Lake is a small lake, but surrounded by greenery and has a small dam to hold the water. Experience the beauty of this lake, while you are are Matheran.
  3. Olympia Race Course : Matheran has lots of horses and in olden days, there used to be horse races. Olympia Race Course was the place for horse races in olden times.
  4. Matheran has lots of public gardens, like Paymaster Park, Nawroji Lord Garden, Panday Play Ground. These gardens are beautiful, well maintained and have lots of benches to sit and enjoy nature.
  5. Matheran is know for its points. The view for each one of them is stunning. MAke sure you visit all these points. Panorama Point, Porcupine Point, Alexander Point, Echo Point, Khandala Point, Coronation Point, Louisa Point, Monkey Point, Garbut Point, Honeymoon Point, Coronation Point, and Rustomji Point.

We have created a Matheran Vlog. Click here to watch it.

Matheran has a lot of hotels. Both big and small. But the best one is MTDC as it is less than 50 meters from Dasturi Parking. Watch our video of MTDC Holiday Resort, Matheran Its not at all expensive and Online Booking is possible on MTDC Online Booking Website

Other Hotels in Matheran include Westend Matheran, Adamo Resort Matheran, Adamo The Village Matheran, The Byke Matheran, Usha Ascot Matheran, Horse Land, Dune Barr House, Lake View Matheran, Hotel Panorama Matheran, Premdeep Hotel, The Redwood Resort Matheran, Hotel Kumar Plaza, Cecil Hotel, Gujarat Bhavan Hotel, Radha Cottage Matheran, Sayeban Hotel Matheran, Rangoli Retreat Matheran, Girivihar Hotel Matheran

There are a few more from Oyo Rooms, airbnb, lodges and a few villas that cannot be verified and hence not listed here.

Have a great stay at Matheran.


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