List of Deep Tech / AI / ML companies in India in 2022

We define deep tech as artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotics. And here is a list of interesting companies that we found in that space in India.

  1. Aigroedge, Delhi, Linkedin
  2. Allgovision, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  3. Strat Forge, Chennai, Linkedin
  4. Sigtuple, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  5. Instoried, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  6. Joint Work Solutions, Pune, Linkedin
  7. Data To Biz, Chandigarh, Linkedin
  8. Genrobotics, Trivandrum, Linkedin
  9. Staqu, Delhi, Linkedin
  10. Univ.AI, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  11. Couture AI, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  12. Cogknit, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  13. Technivorus, Delhi, Linkedin
  14. Cognitifai, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  15. Vision BOT, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  16. Nautilus Hearing, Hubballi, Linkedin
  17. Maruti Tech Labs, Ahmedabad, Linkedin
  18. Streamoid, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  19. Active AI, Linkedin
  20. Desintox Technologies, Thrissur, Linkedin
  21. Photom Technology, Ahmedabad, Linkedin
  22. Spyne, Delhi, Linkedin
  23. Alphaa AI, Delhi, Linkedin
  24. Ask Sid AI, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  25. R Smart, Mumbai, Linkedin
  26. Data Crux Insights, Pune, Linkedin
  27. AgNext, Chandigarh, Linkedin
  28. Manjeer Digital, Hyderabad, Linkedin
  29. Kwantics, Delhi, Linkedin
  30. Delium AI, Chennai, Linkedin
  31. Drive Analytics, Chennai, Linkedin
  32. Couture AI, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  33. Snapper Future Tech, Pune, Linkedin
  34. FX Data Labs, Ahmedabad, Linkedin
  35. Foodron, Pune, Linkedin
  36. Third Eye Data, Linkedin
  37. Boto Synthesis, Udaipur, Linkedin
  38. Valiance Solutions, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  39. Code Wave, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  40. Day 1 Tech, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  41. Hidden Brains, Ahmedabad, Linkedin
  42. Reckonsys, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  43. Xurmo, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  44. Pi Serve, Cochin, Linkedin
  45. Oye Labs, Chandigarh, Linkedin
  46. Solution Analysts, Ahmedabad, Linkedin
  47. Neenopal, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  48. Queppelin, Delhi, Linkedin
  49. Myelin Foundry, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  50. Happiest Minds, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  51. Algo Scale, Delhi, Linkedin
  52. Qure AI, Mumbai, Linkedin
  53. Arya AI, Mumbai, Linkedin
  54. E42 AI, Pune, Linkedin
  55. Appachhi, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  56. Artivatic AI, Bengaluru, Linkedin
  57. Uncanny Vision, Bangaluru, Linkedin
  58. Agrima Food Tech, Cochin.

This Page was last updated on 16th June, 2022. Please come back for updates.

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