Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding is a relatively new concept. Been around for close to 10 years now in India. But its growing. Indian companies that offer Crowd funding companies are Wishberry, Indiegogo, Crowdera, FuelADream, Ketto, Catapooolt, Milaap and Impact Guru. Their website links and social media links are as follows.

Wishberry (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), Mumbai and Nashik, Established in 2010
Indiegogo (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram)
FuelADream (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), Bengaluru, Established in 2015
Ketto (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter), Mumbai, Established in 2012
Catapooolt (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Mumbai, Established in 2012
Milaap (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube), Bengaluru, Established in 2009
Impact Guru (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube), Mumbai, Established in 2014
Crowdera (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
Start51 Started in Ahmedabad on August 2013, Ran till Nov 2016 (Twitter, Youtube

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