Cloud is an old technology (as compared to the other technologies that we track). Cloud has been around for over 15 years in main line industry. AWS, MS Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, IBM, Cisco, VMware, SalesForce are the largest players globally. India is not too far behind with large companies like Netmagic, CTRLS, Blazeclan, 7edge, CloudOye, NXTraData, AppPoint, NxtGen,  Progression, QualiSpace, Shivaami, SysFore and Navtech. Below are links to their websites and company profiles on Linkedin.

Netmagic Solutions, Linkedin, Mumbai.
CTRLS, Linkedin, Hyderabad.
Blazeclan, Linkedin, Pune.
7edge, Linkedin, Bengaluru.
Cloud Oye, Linkedin, Delhi.
NXTra Data, Linkedin, Delhi.
App Point, Linkedin, Bengaluru.
NxtGen, Linkedin, Bengaluru.
Progression, Linkedin, Delhi.
QualiSpace, Linkedin, Mumbai
Shivaami Cloud, Linkedin, Mumbai
SysFore, Linkedin, Bengaluru.
Trimax, Linkedin, Mumbai
Navtech, Linkedin, Hyderabad

This page was created on 6th September, 2020. Lots of updates coming soon on this page.

Please let us know, if we have missed an important cloud company in India.

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