Clean Tech

Clean Tech or clean energy is top of mind for many global leaders. They are searching for Renewable Energy. Like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Plastic replacement and waste management. Lots of startup and large business houses have been in this space for decades.

We would like to break the landscape into large and diversified groups, major solar companies and all other companies in wind, hydro etc.

We have also searched for their social media profiles and made it available for you, right here.

Tata Power Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
Adani Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
Moser Baer Solar
Vikram Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
EMMVEE Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube), Bengaluru, Established in 1995.
Waaree (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
First Solar (Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube)
Luminous (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
Acme Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube)
Webel Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
Goldi Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
Azure Power (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
Photon Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)
Renew Power (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
Sun Source Energy (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)
Selco (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
Aston Field (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)
Surana Solar (Linkedin)
Navitas Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
Swelectes (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)
Saatvik (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)
Photonix Solar (Linkedin) Pune
XL Energy (Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube)
Alpex Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)
ztric (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
avrio energy (Linkedin)
Things Cloud (Linkedin, Facebook)
Inter Solar (Linkedin, Facebook)
Sun Shell Power (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
Vivaan Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube),
Ecozen Solutions (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
Amplus Solar (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
Microtek (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
Havells (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
Voltech (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)

India has lots of wind energy companies like

Suzlon (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
Siemens Gamesa Wind Turbines (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
Vestas India (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
Regen Powertech (Linkedin)
Inox Wind (Facebook, Twitter)
Orient Green
Indowind Energy
Orient Green Power (Linkedin)
Wind World India (WWI)
GE Renewables Energy (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)

Last but not the least, below is a list of hydro power companies.

Statkraft (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)

This page was last updated on 12th September, 2020. Many updated coming soon. Please let us know if we have missed an important company in this space.

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