Virtual means do it anywhere. Ride 20 KM from your house to your favorite junction and come back. Do it anytime of the day. Morning 5 AM or Evening 9PM or midnight. Do it on any day. Sunday, Saturday or Tuesday. If you are a regular cyclist and you cover 50 KM or 100 KM […]

Gurugram (That was earlier known as Gurgaon) is an amazing place. One of the fastest growing cities in India in the last 10 years. Although its in Haryana, but today its an inseparable past of Delhi or NCR. That HUDA City center Metro Station or the huge malls or the large societies is all because

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Cycling is a great sport today and growing by leaps and bounds. India and many other countries have exhausted their inventory of cycles. Second hand cycles are selling at a premium. Production of cycles has been ramped up to multiples of 4 or 5. The number of people cycling today on any road in the

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Agriculture is huge. Agri Tech in India is growing fast. Here are a list of companies in Agri Tech in India. Agrostar, Linkedin Way Cool, Linkedin Cropin, Linkedin Em3agri, Linkedin Agrevolution (DeHaat), Linkedin RMLagtech, Linkedin Intello Labs, Linkedin Unnati, Linkedin Aryacma, Linkedin Gramophone, Linkedin Agri Bazaar, Linkedin Bijak, Linkedin Aibono, Linkedin Crofarm, Linkedin Boheco, Linkedin

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Accelerators and Incubators are very important for startups. They protect a startup from the harsh realities of a marketplace while it is developing its product. India has a very large number of Accelerators and Incubators. Indian Government calls them Technology Business Incubators. India’s first incubator was NirrmaLabs in Ahmedabad. It is now called icreate.

Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing sectors. It finds application in industry, homes, offices, hospitals, farms etc. The largest companies in this space are Altizon, Traxroot, IOT Bot, Altiux, Control Any, Nextware Tech, Seasia Infotech, Hidden Brains, Happiest Minds, QBurst, Algo Engines, Pixel Crayons, Navyug, Intuz, Prompt Softech, TVS Next, Gadge ON,

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Fitness and Wellness is a large topic. It includes holistic health, yoga, dance, gyms, sports, nutrition and many other topics. Lets look at the companies operating in these areas in India. Lets Start with Truworth, Goqii, Healthifyme,, Stepathlon, FitCircle, ObiNo, Fitternity, Noom, Gympik, AllizHealth, Playnlive, Mobiefit, Gymchalo, Fittr