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  • Gurugram

    Gurugram (That was earlier known as Gurgaon) is an amazing place. One of the fastest growing cities in India in the last 10 years. Although its in Haryana, but today its an inseparable past of Delhi or NCR. That HUDA City center Metro Station or the huge malls or the large societies is all because […]

  • Cycling

    Cycling is a great sport today and growing by leaps and bounds. India and many other countries have exhausted their inventory of cycles. Second hand cycles are selling at a premium. Production of cycles has been ramped up to multiples of 4 or 5. The number of people cycling today on any road in the […]

  • Investment Bankers

    Investment Bankers are smart people. They know who would be interested in a deal. They can reach the right people and get the deal signed. They have very strong business intelligence. They have their own thesis and a robust research methodology. Lets look at some of the leading investment banking companies in India. Arpwood Nisus Finance […]

  • IOT

    Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing sectors. It finds application in industry, homes, offices, hospitals, farms etc. The largest companies in this space are Altizon, Traxroot, IOT Bot, Altiux, Control Any, Nextware Tech, Seasia Infotech, Hidden Brains, Happiest Minds, QBurst, Algo Engines, Pixel Crayons, Navyug, Intuz, Prompt Softech, TVS Next, Gadge ON, […]

  • Fitness and Wellness

    Fitness and Wellness is a large topic. It includes holistic health, yoga, dance, gyms, sports, nutrition and many other topics. Lets look at the companies operating in these areas in India. Lets Start with Truworth, Goqii, Healthifyme,, Stepathlon, FitCircle, Fitternity, Noom, Gympik, AllizHealth, Playnlive, Mobiefit, Gymchalo, Fittr

  • Robotics Companies in India

    Robotics is touch. Making a machine work like a human is complex. But these companies have figured it out. There are a few large companies in India like KUKA Robotics, IRobot, PARI, Grey Orange, Fanuc, Armstrong, Hi-Tech Robotics, Difacto and Robosapiens. And then there are many innovative and fast growing companies like Dheya, Planys, Milagrow Humantech, […]

  • Gaming

    Gaming is the fastest growing sector in India. Thanks to low cost of data and increasing penetration of smart phones. Lets look at all the gaming companies in India. Our estimate is that this sectors employs around 5000 people today. We would like to start with Nazara, the only listed gaming company in India and […]

  • AI, ML and Deep Tech Companies in India

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are hot topics. Every one wants to get into it but don’t know how. So lets go straight to the list of companies in this space in India. Sig Tuple and Active AI are the big boys of this space with over 50 employees each. But not too far behind […]

  • SpaceTech Companies in India

    Space Tech is new for startups. So far space was a monopoly of ISRO. But today there are many companies in India. And here is the list. Lets start with the oldest and largest. Ananth Technologies. Next is Godreg Aerospace and Mahindra Aerospace. And before anyone points out that we have missed out, let me […]

  • Coorg

    What comes to mind when we think of Coorg. Coofee. Ok that spelling is wrong, but you get the message. Coorg is known for coffee plantations. Located amidst imposing mountains in Karnataka with a perpetually misty landscape, Coorg is the place to be for all nature lovers. This popular coffee producing hill station is not […]