Auto Tech

Auto Tech or Mobility Tech is a vast area. It includes the digital side of automobiles, Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles and technology used in Logistics.

Large Companies in Auto Tech in India are

Self Drive Cars On Rent : Zoom Car, Revv,
Car Dekho, True Bil
Route Matic

Electric Bikes
Emflux Motors
Ultra Violette
Raptee Motors

Electric three Wheeler
Euler Motors

Electric Light Commercial Vehicle
EVage, Etrio, Alti Green

Bikes on Rent : Boongg, OTO Capital, Onn Bikes
Cars on Rent : Pum Pum Pum

Bikes for Ecommerce last mile Deliveries
Elector Q

Trak n Tell

Cross Roads Helpline, Go Bumpr

Freight Tiger
Ship X
Freight Walla

Spares Spare IT, Spares Hub

Cars on Hire My New Car

Accessories Moto Flux

Car Denting and Painting Fixcraft, Auto Movill, Get Pit Stop, Hoopy, Autoly, Auto Rox, Ready Assist

Tyres Ecommerce : Tyres n More

EV Charging Network : Statiq, Lohum, Evre, Racenergy

Auto Motive Batteries : Gegadyne

Flying Taxi : E Plane

Find Parking Slots : Park Smart

Route Planning : Zeo Route Planner

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