Agri Tech

Agriculture is huge. Agri Tech in India is growing fast. Here are a list of companies in Agri Tech in India.

Agrostar, Linkedin
Way Cool, Linkedin
Cropin, Linkedin
Em3agri, Linkedin
Agrevolution (DeHaat), Linkedin
RMLagtech, Linkedin
Intello Labs, Linkedin
Unnati, Linkedin
Aryacma, Linkedin
Gramophone, Linkedin
Agri Bazaar, Linkedin
Bijak, Linkedin
Aibono, Linkedin
Crofarm, Linkedin
Boheco, Linkedin
Fasal, Linkedin
Kheyti, Linkedin
Clover, Linkedin
Tessol, Linkedin
Agricx, Linkedin
Mera Kisan, Linkedin
Gramco, Linkedin
Eggoz, Linkedin
Agro Waves, Linkedin

Posted by Sandeep Saxena

Pune, India

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