15 Destinations by 2022

During his 73rd Independence Day Speech, our Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi suggested that Indians should travel to at least 15 tourist destinations by 2022.

Here is a list of recommended 15 destinations.

1. Agra
2. Shimla
3. Goa
4. Leh
5. Jaipur
6. Manali
7. Coorg
8. Shrinagar
9. Cochin
10. Udaipur
11. Puri
12. Ooty
13. Varanasi
14. Rishikesh
15. Darjeeling

And you you have already been to some of these places, here is a bonus list only for you.

16. Pondicherry
17. Visakhapatnam
18. Bhopal
19. Guwahati
20. Kodaikanal

Each one of our States have rich tourist destinations. In case you are not able to complete these destinations as they are spread across India, Please visit destinations in your state.

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