About Us

Hapy India is a Digital Health Company. We work closely with sports complexes, coaches, schools, gyms, Government, companies, residential societies. We motivate people to be physically active. You could walk, run, dance, swim, play a sport, trek, do Yoga or go to a gym. You could begin with 30 mins a day and then increase it to around 2 hours a day. We want to make India, a better place to live in, and hence we are calling it Hapy India. A fitter India, a Hapy India. We want Indians to win more Olympic Medals. But more importantly, we want Indians to live longer. Live till 100 Years and still be active. We want Indians to learn new sports. Learn to play table tennis, chess, volley ball, basketball or anything else. Play with family and friends. We are keen to conduct an entire tournament for senior citizens. Dates coming soon.

And that is the message from Our Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. We are following the foot steps laid out in by Fit India.